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Recognized for inventing new brush stroke and mark making techniques, their paintings appear highly textured even though they are flat….

Alfred Freddy Krupa

Krupa’s first public academic prowess reached an outstanding peak in the year 1995 when he successfully

Detlef “Dego” Gotzens

Detlef “Dego” Gotzens has amassed over four decades of experience working with various materials, including glass,

Oliver Staeuber

Oliver Staeuber, a Swiss/Chilean artist born in 1980, developed a keen interest in the visual arts

Ioana Baltan

“My primary focus in my artistic endeavors centers around the intricate relationship between an individual’s vulnerable

Marco Battaglini

According to Battaglini, the present-day society is characterized by globalization and the increasing accessibility of diverse


What motivated you to pursue art and become an artist? Was it a particular event, emotion,

Ilya Volykhine

What materials do you enjoy working with the most? In my artistic endeavors, I employ a

Carlos Blanco Artero

What inspired you to create art and become an artist? (events, feelings, experiences…) My relationship

Louise Howard

Louise Howard has always had an innate calling to art. Ever since she can remember, she

Tibor Simon-Mazula

A Brief Overview Tibor Simon-Mazula, a Hungarian artist, works intuitively. He seeks solace in painting’s tactile

luca brandi

Born in the city of Florence in the year 1961. He began working with master Romolo

How to plan Facebook ads as professional

Art Collection History Ancient Art Collection Practices A form of art collection existed in the earliest

Instagram becomes the professional artist’s highest-profile or landing page. Nowadays is even more important than the

Many artists have recognized the power of Instagram when it comes to promoting and selling their

Choosing related art hashtags that match your art style and engagement level is the first crucial

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