Jana Magdova


Jana Magdova is a contemporary artist born 1982 who has started painting at the very young age of two. She works out of her studio based in Zilina, Slovakia.
The paintings for Jana are the way of connecting what is inside of her – her thoughts, feelings and perceptions – with outer realities and life experiences. Her work consists of abstract paintings and the objects that touch her soul. She is inspired by music, the freshness of the morning air, the sereneness of the evening breeze, the tranquility of a moonlight night, the blooming flowers, the tweets of birds, the flowing rivers and by all other natural things.

Through art making she finds "drawing from within" and her true self. She uses pure colors to communicate feelings and expresses profound excitement, happiness, calmness, curiosity, courage, joy, love, tenderness or carefree. She generates images from the unconcious mind and she paints them in an unrestrained manner. Sometimes she is clearly expressionistic, because of her emotionally laden use of color and brushstrokes. Creativity is for her a form of pushing limits, inventing and breaking down boundaries. Her art making involves a sense of play.
She simply enjoys the process of creating.

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