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Nicole Simmons


Nicole Simmons is a self-taught artist based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who began painting in 2014. Her work primarily explores the concepts of authenticity versus potentiality. She is on a quest to explore the beauty and truth of lived experiences in contrast to the potential that those moments hold. Her art ranges from soft and soothing to bold and lively, and it reflects her lived experience in any given moment.

Since 2021, Nicole has been exhibiting her work, including shows with the Art Association of Harrisburg and HIVE Artspace. A major milestone in her career was holding a solo exhibition at Wheel of Light Studio in 2022. These experiences have not only helped her grow as an artist but also allowed her to connect with others through her art.

Currently, Nicole is one of several artists represented by Farwell Gallery in McFarland, WI, and at Wheel of Light Studio in Halifax, PA.

"Art, to me, is a personal conversation with myself and my perception of the world around me. It's a way to discover, a space where emotions, thoughts, and experiences come together. As an artist, I'm dedicated to authentic expression, capturing the essence of my life and my diverse experiences.

My artwork includes landscapes, portraits, and abstracts, each genre offering a unique perspective on the world. Landscapes provide me with serenity, grounding, and a connection to nature. Portraits allow me to explore the complexity and depth of the human soul and expression. Abstracts give me the freedom to unleash my imagination.".

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