Liisa Viima


Artistic Statement:
“Painting is my Mission and my means to pay back for all the good things I have been given. Over and over again: If some one´s Heart is a bit warmer after viewing my work, my task is fullfilled”.

When young Liisa painted all the time, dreaming to study to be a pro painter in art. Then she suddenly buried the Dream and did not grab a brush any more.

But Life made her start again, after four decades. She found her Mission four years ago and now paints continuously.

In the meantime she has graduated from Milan Art Institute (USA) web Mastery Program in 2023, has been taking part in many curated and group exhibitions as well as given solo exhibitions.

She is a member of Finnish Artists Association. A Letter of Honour from the Luxemburg Art Prize competition in 2022 was given for her by the Pinacothèque museum located in Luxembourg. Praise in an art review was written and published by Renee Phillips, Director/Curator, Manhattan NYC, NY in 2024.

Liisa creates aesthetically beautiful inspirational art that transmits an immediate healing energy for the viewer. Her enlightened expressions originate from a wellspring of authenticity and convey her desire to share joyful and empowering messages of resilience, triumph, and hope.

Liisa also excels as a mixed media artist. She provides a wide range of visual delights by combining acrylic and oil paint, modeling paste, and archival quality gold and silver metal powder and metal leaf.

Liisa creates stunning narratives that transport us to new realms. She is a superb storyteller as portrayed in her allegorical paintings that pay homage to humanitarianism. The exquisite juxtaposition of figures is animated with bold colors, lively brushstrokes, and lyrical abstract forms to accentuate power, courage, and passion.

Her art is enchanting, whimsical, multi-faceted. Her style is inimitable with colorful virtuosity, tactile surfaces and touches of symbolism, poetry and drama.

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