Marcela Diaz (Prema)


Marcela Diaz, also known as Prema, is a multi-talented Costa Rican artist with several certifications, including hypnotherapist and happiness coach. Apart from her artistic pursuits, she has also worked as a Logistics Manager for over 20 years, traveling extensively throughout Latin America.

Marcela has been painting since a young age, using it as a tool for expression and catharsis. She has been creating universes and planets for over two decades, using painting to help her vent out all kinds of emotions and states of mind. Her goal is to let go of emotions, without any judgement, and just let them be. Becoming a hypnotherapist and studying the mind has helped her understand the connection between creation and the messages from the unconscious.

Marcela's works are beautiful, well-saturated, and colorful abstract pieces, as she feels more comfortable with that style. She mainly works with acrylic on canvas and mixed media watercolor and acrylic on paper. Although most of her works are abstract and chromatic, in figurative pieces, color is the most important element.

​"We have the ability to alter our perception of the world around us in the same way that we can change the colors when creating a work of art. This means that we are completely free to do so. Is there any color in your life that you wish to see differently?"

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