Hilary Done


Hilary Done was born in Vancouver, BC. Her earliest memories are of playing on the beach in West Vancouver. She believes that this imprinted upon her an undying love for the ocean and all things coastal.

Her family relocated to Hollywood, CA in the late 1950s, where her father worked as an Art Director in the golden age of television. Growing up surrounded by artists and their work, she visited the studios with her father and was always proud to see him in his element. She will never forget the sight of his set designs coming to life.

Her own creative journey started early, experimenting with different media, attending classes both in Pasadena, CA and later in Oxford, UK. She got married and had two children in England before returning to California in 1984, where she had three more children. The demands of raising a family caused her to put her artistic ambitions on hold. Now that the nest is empty, she has been able to rediscover the joy of painting.

Throughout the years, I, like many others, have dealt with bouts of depression. However, since I started painting full time, I have noticed that it has been an incredibly therapeutic experience. I firmly believe that God created us in his image and intended for us to be creative, just as he is. Sadly, not enough individuals discover the healing power of artistic expression. My art brings me joy and a sense of purpose, and I hope that it can do the same for others. My story is meant to inspire you to find the artist within yourself!

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