Paul Dirkse


Paul is a self- taught abstract artist who over the years traveled around the world . During his travels, he created some of his paintings using a great mix of colors, contrasts and more. He use to have a studio in the Isaan in Thailand where he spend the wintertime.

Paul has been selling paintings privately to Dutch people and businesses for many years. Expats also love his work. Some of his work is now in the hands of Argos Take Care Group, as well as the CEO of MTV the former Director of the EPO, the Director of Stolt Tankers and the Director at Shell Aircraft and many more. His most recent sale is to CC7 Europe who is located in the World Trade Center The Hague to whom he sold a collection of his artworks.

He let colors blend. He plays with light and structure in many ways to get fulfillment. Focusing on the magic of the moment and trying to be in the flow hoping for majesticity to reveal.

Paul is often experimenting with different approaches in his work. He is an admirer of impressionistic and abstract expressionistic styles. He likes to get his inspiration from nature and music.

In his own words: “True beauty cannot happen without a touch of magic and perhaps a little help from the heavens.”

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