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Rai Escale

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Rai Escalé, (b. 1964) is a Catalan painter and visual artist.

His work has been shown extensively around Europe and the USA. His illustrations have appeared in many Catalan media.

He works between south Catalonia, where he lives now, and Bratislava, where he has collaborated since 2007 with Miloš Kopták in the Miroir Noir project.

From 2009 to 2014, was deeply involved in the epic burst in and out of the mythical Barcelona Eat Meat Gallery.

"Art is the best way I've found to sublimate myself into someone better ..."

Spaniard Rai Escalé is a very moving individual in more ways than one. He perfectly understands human nature but does not believe that we are powerless in changing innate behavioral traits. His words are sagely calming and subtly scolding at the same time.

He believes that art could literally calm the world down.

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