Freya Platts Costeloe


Growing up on the Caribbean island of Antigua, I have always felt a deep connection to light and colour within my creative practice. Moving back to England, I studied Fine Art at Bath Spa University and continue to paint from my home in the South West. My diverse upbringing has meant that I am constantly searching for new experiences and environments to enrich my artistic vision. Often working and travelling abroad, I am perpetually seeking new perspectives and inspiration.

Paint is centred at the heart of my practice. Making every mark count, I am fascinated by the challenge of capturing fleeting moments of lived experience: moving image beyond photographic reproduction to fabricate suspended worlds with time inherently encoded into them. Lead by the evocative powers of colour, I aim to generate both a sense of place and time, where the materiality of paint itself reflects the rich fabric of human memory: bright and believable in places but faded and fragmented in others. Painting becomes about conjuring a situation- an ephemeral trace captured on the verge of disintegration. Though grounded in reality, compositions are not to be taken as literal representations of actuality but rather sensuous meditations on the blurring of fact and fantasy.

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