Art Collection History Ancient Art Collection Practices A form of art collection existed in the earliest civilizations. The countries…

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Art Collection History and The Art Selling Today

Art Collection History

Ancient Art Collection Practices

A form of art collection existed in the earliest civilizations. The countries that began the art collection include India, Egypt, China, and Babylonia. They stored artwork in their temples, tombs, and the treasuries of the kings. The art collections often display loot from conquered kingdoms and praise the kings’ power and glory.

Non-aristocratic collectors, such as Pierre Crozat, Horace Walpole, and the Fugger banking family were able to amass significant collections during the 18th century. Europe’s great private collections were made accessible to the public in the late 18th century.

However, the monarchs and aristocrats gradually began donating their possessions to the public during the same era. This gave birth to museums.

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The Birth of Museums

The first prominent example was Maria Ludovica, the grand duchess of Tuscany and the last of the Medicis. She left her family’s great art collection to Tuscany in 1737. Such works now form the basis of Florence’s Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, and Laurentian Library.

Numerous other kings and aristocrats followed Maria Ludovica. Art institutions sprang up throughout Europe in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Similarly, curators built those galleries and museums on the backs of private collections. Since then, the flow of artworks from private collections to museums has been a defining characteristic of art collections.

The Importance of Historical Artwork

Art has come through different nations and different civilizations. Art played different roles in different eras. Moreover, art spreads a message in public. Artwork can be a form of a communication channel, concentrating on different general issues and the advancement of civilization.

The study of historical art shows us how people saw themselves and their surroundings and wanted to express this to others. The act of generating art is one of humanity’s most pervasive activities. Art history provides a tool for us to understand our human past and its link to our present.

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Selling Art Today

Ours is the era of technology, and people now share their work online on different websites. Nowadays, virtual museums are available so that people can see different art pieces online. Virtual museums remove the barriers by offering a more intimate and personal journey through exhibitions. Visitors can browse through art that they find interesting at their own pace.

Artists faced severe restrictions regarding how, when, and where they could sell their work in the past. There were no websites where they could sell their artwork. But now, it is very easy for artists to post their art pieces on social media channels or different websites and sell their artwork easily.

However, it has never been easier for artists to share their work with art fans worldwide. But now, due to the internet, artists sell their art and support their practices. The best websites for online art selling are:

,Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is the biggest online platform for selling artwork around the world. It sells original paintings, photographs, drawings, and sculptures from artists. Furthermore, the Saatchi Art marketplace has sellers from almost 100+ countries. It provides a professionally curated environment for artists from all over the world to show and sell their work.

Saatchi Art provides free and time-efficient art advice to artists and trade professionals. The biggest hurdle in online shopping is scams or waste of money. However, Saatchi Art resolves this issue by offering a seven-day money-back guarantee to its customers.


Artsy is yet another worldwide famous and prominent platform for professional artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. They extend the art market to support more artists and works of art worldwide to accomplish this. Artsy believes that the process of purchasing art should be as spectacular as the art itself. Isn’t this amazing?

Artsy is the most fantastic platform for browsing gallery exhibitions and discovering new artists. This is an invaluable resource for finding new artists and connecting them with galleries. You can showcase your masterpieces here, get the top-notch bids and appreciation that you deserve. The entire process is also straightforward, so you can focus on creating art.

,Artnet is a fantastic artwork marketplace. Furthermore, Artnet operates worldwide with its unique content. The work includes fine arts, decorative arts, and design. It offers services that enhance accessibility by allowing customers to conduct art research, contact galleries directly, and achieve price transparency in the art market. The platform is designed exclusively for art sellers and buyers.

The Artnet Online Gallery Network is another website of It is the largest and the most amazing network of its kind, attracting a broad audience and queries from both serious collectors and first-time purchasers. Similarly, it has over 35,000 artists and 2,200 international galleries worldwide. Buyers can search by artist, movement, and media, as well as contact sellers directly.

,Instagram For Art

This popular social media platform. It has more than 1 billion active users. It is also an online marketplace for selling artwork online. Therefore, artists can quickly upload their masterpieces and start selling.

instagram was designed to ease the work of artists trying to share their artwork, and it is simple to add your art or products to the platform. instagram also emphasizes networking with other artists so that you may learn and share talents with others in your area.

The big role is that the online galleries and art selling platforms will never share with you as an artist their database or allowing you to communicate with your buyers outside their platforms. but Instagram provides artists the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with their art followers and buyers without restrictions or paying commissions. Even though it requires learning about the Instagram algorithm and the art hashtags, still it is worth it

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In Conclusion

People always appreciate art pieces from all eras. In the past, art collections were housed in temples, tombs, and treasuries of kings. Today, people can earn by selling their artwork online. Hundreds of websites are available to sell art pieces to artists, graphic designers, and global brands.

Should artists create an account on all these platforms and start promoting their masterpieces? or learning how to promote their artwork by themselves?

The answer solely depends on the goal

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