LUCA BRANDI: The Abstract Journey

Born in the city of Florence in the year 1961. He began working with master Romolo Prati in Florence at the age of 10

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luca brandi

Luca Brandi was born in the city of Florence in the year 1961. He began working with master Romolo Prati in Florence at the age of 10, assisting him in creating large spiritual pictures on the paneling for church sacristies. In addition, he researched the framework of the paneling and the structuring of the paintings. This was done in readiness for the funding for the big works.

He began studying abstract painting with Paolo Galletti in 1983. He taught him the principles of form deconstruction through geometrical art and color. His first solo show was exhibited at the Dada gallery in Florence in 1985. Since then, Luca Brandi has come a long way.

At the age of nine, Luca Brandi began working with great painter Romolo Prati. In Florence, he began working on images in numerous churches. He created several science fantasy illustrations for a journal when he was 15 years old.

He discovered the notion of abstraction from Paolo Galletti, a famous painter, in the 1980s. He accompanied him to the abstract collections and exhibitions. In addition, he held his first art exhibition in 1984. This was when he began his professional life in Italy with different shows.

Introspective Research Years

He spent years of contemplative inquiry from 1990 to 2000. He studied the famous classical artists of Abstract and Minimalist Expressionism at exhibitions and modern art museums in the USA, Britain, France, and Germany until 2000.

This will be the year he started working on new things based on metallic color layering. This remains the foundation of his work. Giuliano Serafini produced his first collection in 2007, which included a significant selection of works from 2000.

Luca Brandi and Spiritualism

His works venture into territory that he has yet to investigate. He is unfamiliar with these areas. Rothko once remarked that Luca Brandi’s painting had to be extraordinary, an act of fairness and compassion. This is the same journey that Brandi used to reach enlightenment.

Inextricably blended with the metallic color, the substance begins to reacquire its individuality of pure color, a silky coloring, almost via the impact of an alchemical detachment.

What is known is that the artwork’s evolution is inextricably linked to the need for perfection. This is pretty well-executed in terms of rhythms and golden section connection. Furthermore, this has allowed Brandi to find a further astounding truth: the only way to sustain that immortal Heraclitan movement that we call art is to reproduce the same imagery.

His works depict a soul searching for previous love, quiet, and beauty over decades. At the same time, the audience is asked to participate in this journey with their souls and resources. Luca Brandi places a high value on art. That’s why, in addition to Acrylic, he solely utilizes linen canvas and aluminum strengthened wood stretches. This is the greatest anti-warp substance on the market.

The Present

During the Art Fairs of Vigo (Spain), Istanbul, and Karlsruhe, he had solo displays with the Immaginaria gallery in Florence (Italy). He participated in a group show in Berlin in December 2008.

This piece is part of the host city’s museum display. His solo display at the Galerie Nero in Wiesbaden took place in May 2009. He followed with solo exhibits in Florence and Berlin in November 2010. He also donated other pieces to the Florentine Oncology Center that same year.

His solo art shows have been held at the Palazzo Rosso in Genoa, the Immaginaria gallery in Florence, and the ZetaEffe Museum since 2011. He held his first show of modern art in a contemporary art institution in 2013. At the same period, he traveled to Germany for exhibits. He began sharing his work on online art sites around the end of 2015. His art is currently in museums across the world. He has been featured in many art journals and blogs on the internet.

At Dante Festival 2018, the exhibition Ne la Pittura held the domain – Three Canticles in Abstract was staged at the Ancient Franciscan Cloisters of Ravenna in 2018. The artist received a solo show at the ZetaEffe Gallery in Florence in 2019.

Luca Brandi: The Spiritual Minimalist Artist

Luca Brandi fell in love with minimalist art and spiritualism after studying artists like Frank Stella and Brice Marden. Later on, he found passion in the metallic color layering. Today, Luca Brandi beautifully combines spiritualism and metallic color layering to create soulful and captivating masterpieces for the masses. These paintings invoke a feeling of self-awareness and self-discovery in the audiences and people from all backgrounds find something invigorating in his work.

There is a significant influence back of the spirit who has a confident style, and this power expresses itself through unseen as well as visible creation for any piece of art.

It might be a confession with the principle of time, in our hopes, in giving, and in the results. Overall, it is a good impression if you keep switching.

A belief is called the being and the object to get at the identity. Other suggestions will be accepted only after.

Art may be found wherever one looks for it and nowhere else! To most people, it seems excellent in the galleries.

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