Rainy Day


Foamy acrylic paint on a textured background. Bold colors on a neutral background.

24 x
x 1.5

$ 675

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About the Artwork

Rainy Day is artwork#5 of a series of 15 pieces. The Revolution of color is a collection that represents the good things of a day to day life. Using bright colors, textured surfaces and dramatic forms, I intent to describe the enjoyable moments in a normal day. Moments that it are easy to overlook and miss, but that bring tremendous joy to us if we only slow down and enjoy the small things in life

About the artist

I convey my artistry through simplicity and elegance, crafting visually striking compositions by distilling complex forms and ideas while omitting extraneous details. This approach allows the viewer’s imagination to roam free, fostering a dialogue between the artwork and its audience.

Drawing on my engineering background, I merge technical precision with intuitive expression, taking meticulous care with each brushstroke to ensure they serve a purpose and contribute to the overall harmony of the piece.

My artistic ethos centers around creating connections with others. I strive to cultivate a shared experience through my art that transcends borders, beckoning viewers to contemplate the beauty and intricacy of the world around us. Art possesses the power to stir emotions, kindle curiosity, and spark personal reflection.

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The production run has ceased; however, the total number of artworks created remains unspecified.

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