Oil on Canvas

120 x

$ 4,400

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About the Artwork

Character is the mosaic of qualities and attributes that define the unique individuality of a person. When reflecting on Lemon’s character, it becomes evident that the chosen fruit serves as a profound reflection of her.

About the artist

Having been born in Romania and now residing in Spain, the beauty of my surroundings is what drives my artistic vision. Although my landscape art may appear serene at first glance, a closer look will reveal the melancholy of my homeland subtly woven throughout.

My true passion lies in portraiture. My goal is to convey more than just a physical likeness of my subjects. I strive to capture the very soul of my subjects and the profound relationship between humanity and the natural world through my art. Through my portraits, I invite viewers to delve into the narratives, gaze into the eyes of my subjects and recognize the inherent beauty that can be found amidst life’s struggles. Each pair of eyes in my portraits holds a unique story waiting to be told.

As an artist, my primary goal is to stimulate the senses of my audience and encourage them to explore the complexities of the world around us.

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A singular creation, the only one of its kind.

Editioned Series

A set of works limited to a predetermined number of identical pieces, each numbered and acknowledged within the series.


Artworks reproduced continuously, often not numbered, reflecting an ongoing availability.

Indeterminate Series

The production run has ceased; however, the total number of artworks created remains unspecified.

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These documents are comprehensive, usually detailing the artist’s name, specifics of the artwork (including title, creation date, materials used, size), and ideally, an image of the art piece itself.

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