Oil and Sand on Canvas

80 x
x 10

$ 2,800

About the artist

Celia Canton Khan is a versatile artist, skilled in healing, painting, fillmaking, and fashion design.
Her heritage is a blend of Corsican, Provençal, and Pied Noir roots, and her family tree includes the renowned artist Paul Cézanne.

Celia’s artistic expression is shaped by the nostalgic and sentimental notes of exile, creating a symphony that reflects her roots and deep connection to the past. Her art becomes a vessel for emotions, atmospheres, and narratives, taking viewers on a journey through the landscapes of longing and belonging.

Celia’s great-grandmother, an extraordinary woman who served in the Resistance during the French Connection, shared captivating stories and healing practices that inspired Celia’s artistic journey.

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A singular creation, the only one of its kind.

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A set of works limited to a predetermined number of identical pieces, each numbered and acknowledged within the series.


Artworks reproduced continuously, often not numbered, reflecting an ongoing availability.

Indeterminate Series

The production run has ceased; however, the total number of artworks created remains unspecified.

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