Lauren Ottley


Originally from the small town suburbs of Chicago Illinois, USA, Lauren Ottley emerges as a mostly self taught versatile figurative and abstract contemporary artist, navigating through a diverse spectrum of mediums that encompass digital, traditional, and mixed media. Within the fluidity of her artistic expression, she seamlessly transitions from bold, decisive lines to soft, evocative abstract forms, each piece is a window into the intricate layers of her inner world.

Having garnered recognition both nationally and internationally, Lauren’s pieces are coveted by collectors across the United States and abroad. Exhibitions in Chicago and art director experience underscore her commitment to the arts, while her representation by Celestial Art Curation in Hinsdale, Illinois, and Wayward Arts Gallery in Chicago solidify her status in the contemporary art scene.

Motivated by her personal journey as a woman, Lauren draws inspiration from her experiences of survival, loss, love, introspection, and self-discovery, infusing her art with profound emotional depth. In an era dominated by digital media, she strives to create art that fosters tangible connections and resonates with shared human narratives.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Lauren brings over twenty years of experience as a hairdresser and a decade of entrepreneurship to her practice, enriching her art with a diverse array of perspectives. Influenced by her familial ties to sculpting and welding, courtesy of her father and cousin Jamie, she is fueled by a deep-seated passion for creative expression and exploration.

Through her art, she invites viewers on a journey of self-reflection and empathy, intertwining her personal narrative with the universal human experience.

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