Melanie Giovanna Landro, born in 1969 with Italian/German roots, has been radiating her temperament in Berlin for 35 years. She has been fascinated by analogue collages since childhood because they radically and uncompromisingly turn reality on its head.

As a trained advertising saleswoman, mediating between people and brands is in her blood. And so, each of her works is a call for dialogue. On closer inspection, the art lover discovers numerous figures, objects and materials in her works and senses the mood of various scenes. However, the desire to talk to others about what they have seen is inevitable. She is always in contact with fellow artists and the art-loving public.

As an autodidact, she continuously optimizes her analogue, digital and mixed media working techniques and is constantly on the lookout for new ways of expression. Her role models include the artists Hanna Höch, Lee Krasner and Edward Hopper.

Collage as an art form fascinates me because of its diverse design possibilities. I create analogue, digital and mixed media collages in my Berlin studio. I love every part of the process, starting with the search for suitable image material, the complicated cutting, tearing, or folding of the paper, the composing and arranging.

Multiple overlapping and emphasised structures lend a tangible reality. The experimental process is inspired by surprising things I see, colors and materials. On the one hand, my collages deal with social problems and, on the other, the combination of exciting motifs, materials and found objects creates a dynamic that allows the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of their own.

Accidental pictorial discoveries and the dialogue of color compositions are increasingly condensed into a creative unity during the artistic process. Unexpected discoveries of situations that have arisen in my work are either further elaborated or completely discarded.

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