Keri Brown


I was born into a family of artists and musicians in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan in 1976. Both my parents were musicians, and my mom and maternal grandmother were artists. From a very young age I clearly had a creative mind and caring heart. My grandmother had me paint a landscape around the age of 10, when I was staying with her for part of a summer in Alabama, and she right away said I had the gift and should be painting every day. I ended up studying art in college, getting my BA in Art Studies at Arizona State University, and have pursued the profession of art ever since.

I paint abstract, using acrylics on various materials. I typically use cotton canvas, but have recently enjoyed using linen as well. I most likely will venture into woods in the near future also.

Generally speaking, I'm painting with my intuition, allowing what comes to me in the moment, and making adjustments as I go. Whether I paint or draw this way, the work usually speaks to me about whatever is going on at the currently in my life. The subconscious mind is often much stronger than we realize, and I can often see that come out in my work, with maybe my own symbolism or language. So I may see one thing, but someone else can see something else entirely.

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